Piece of advices

New studded tires need to be “drive in” – in order for the studs to fixate properly avoid sudden accelerations and braking during the first 300-500 kilometres of driving.


When doing the tire change after the first hundred kilometres, tighten the nuts of the wheels.


Control regularly the pressure in the tires, commendatory pressure in the tire can be found in the car’s handbook. Pressure is checked on a “cold” tire.


Tires which are the most outworn or frayed, always locate on the rear axle. Abnormal attrition of the tires refers to the mistakes or errors in the bogie of the car.


Relocating tires

Relocating the tires enables to diminish too fast (or choppy) attrition of the pattern of corselet (armour) which can cause:


  • Excessive vibration
  • Tire noise
  • Decrease of driving comfort
  • Shorter lifetime of the tires


Remark. We recommend You to relocate the tires as soon as You notice any of the effects enumerated (especially in the case of front tires).

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